SimplyLeads and GDPR

SimplyLeads and GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation)

The new European privacy regulation (GDPR) is in effect from May 25, 2018 for anyone who processes online data. In this page we’ll explain what you, as a SimplyLeads user, should know about this regulation.

First of all we, the designers and builders of SimplyLeads, would like to stress that we support regulation that protects the rights and privacy of internet users.

SimplyLeads is GDPR-proof, in the sense that we do not collect personal data of visitors on your website. However, you must add a privacy statement on your website, as is explained below.


SimplyLeads is a website analyses tool for B2B marketing en sales. The primary goal of SimplyLeads is collect information about the companies of the website visitors.

SimplyLeads is designed is such a way that we do not violate the privacy of these visitors. SimplyLeads only uses the IP-address to obtain information about these companies. After this, the IP-address is removed.

From any private persons that might visit your website, only anonymized data, like the country of origin and internet service provider, is obtained.

According to article 6f of the GDPR, the IP-address may be used in this way because it serves a legitimate interest. And you don’t have to ask permission from your website visitors.

However you must mention that you use the visitors IP-address on your website. An example privacy statement is given below.


SimplyLeads uses a cookie to determine if a visitor has visited your website before. This cookie does not violate the privacy of your website visitors, it does not contain any personal data nor does it contain any tracker data. Because of this, you don’t have to ask permission from your website visitors for placing this cookie.

Storing and sharing data

SimplyLeads uses the IP-address and this is considered personal data. However, this IP-address is removed after it has been used. As a result of this, it is not available for SimplyLeads users. Also it cannot be shared with a third party, now or in the future.

The marketing and sales data that is collected by SimplyLeads is only available to the owner of the website where the data is obtained from. This data is never shared with a third party. Any tracker data is stored for a period less than 24 months.

For the purpose of support to our customers, SimplyLeads representatives have access to this data.

Example privacy statement

We make use of website analysis software from SimplyLeads for marketing and sales purposes, to improve our website, to measure campaign effectiveness and to optimize our channels.

For this, SimplyLeads uses your IP-address to determine your country of origin and your internet service provider. Your IP-address is not saved nor is any data shared with a third party.

SimplyLeads uses a cookie to determine if you’ve visited this website before. This cookie does not contain any personal data nor does it contain tracker data.

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