SimplyLeads sitemap

The sitemap of SimplyLeads is a unique feature giving a bird’s-eye view of your website indicating the interest of the visitors. The sitemap is also available for individual visitors or all visitors of a single company.

The site map is a valuable source of marketing information as is shown in this example. Suppose your planning a customer open day and need to choose a theme for this event that is relevant for your target audience.

In the site map shown below only visitors from companies have been included. It’s important to use these filters because most B2B websites attract more than 50% visitors that are not target audience.

SimplyLeads site map

In this site map we see that “Home page” and the contact page are visited to most. The products and services on this website have been out lined, and from this we quickly find which received the most attention in the last 180 days.

You can use this trick for new product introduction as well. You can do this by posting blogs on your website each highlighting a feature. After a few months you’ll know which feature appeals most to your target audience. Like to try this? Sign up for a free SimplyLeads trial.

Customer open day
We where planning a customer open day but didn’t know what theme to choose. The SimplyLeads site map solved this problem for us. The customer day was big success, more than 60 visitors and 4 requests for proposal.
Anonymous SimplyLeads user
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