B2B lead generation

SimplyLeads resolves the company names from the website visitors.

Although valuable information, this is only part of the solution. You will also need to know in what products or services that company is interested.

SimplyLeads sitemap

The sitemap gives you a bird's-eye view of the page views of all the visitors of this company. Each tile in this map represents specific pages of the website and the colors indicate the viewing times. And this clearly shows the area's of interest.

Next you'll want to qualify this lead. You can do this by checking how many visitors of the company visited your website. When, for example you find two or more visitor, this confirms that this company is indeed looking for solutions.

This is what we call "actionable sales information". Your sales manager will know exactly what to do!

My daily routine
I check SimplyLeads almost daily. When I see that a visitor downloaded a brochure, I pass this lead on to our telemarketing agency. They follow up on my leads after a week or so. About 50% of their calls result in a request for proposal. Worth every penny.
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