Who is responding to my online advertisements?

Online advertising is popular. Just type in “Wordpress website” in Google and I’ll find several ads in your search result. And check out your favorite news site, online ads are everywhere. But online advertising is not cheap, especially if we don’t know who is responding.

I’m not even talking about conversion. If we don’t reach our target audience, the whole idea of conversion is meaningless. Let me give you an example on one of our SimplyLeads users. They ran an adWords campaigns to get new business. Analyzing their campaign results with SimplyLeads showed they where mainly attracting students.

Imagine what would happen if they optimized their campaign for conversion. Students respond to different catchphrases and call's to action than marketing managers. If they had optimized for conversion, they would only attract more students and would have moved away from their target audience!

So, first things first, find out if your target audience responds to your ads before you start optimizing for conversion. Let me show you how it’s done with SimplyLeads. Below you find two images, each line in these charts reprsents the respons of a single ad. The first chart shows all campaign results including residential visitors and the second one shows only the results of visitors from companies.

Unfiltered campaign results
Campaign results of visitors from companies only.

The first ad drops from 295 (all visitors) to 84 (only visitors from companies) visits. So we consider about 30% as target audience. And the second ad drops from 174 to 33 visits, which is about 20% target audience. Not a bad result considering that some ads reach less than 1% of their target audience.

You can drill down on these results and get a list of companies that actually responded to these ads.

Companies that responded to the advertisment.

And only when we’re pleased with these results as well, only than we can start optimizing for conversion!

Author: Luc Jansen
Luc Jansen
Founder SimplyLeads, Eindhoven
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