Website secrets.

What if your website started sharing its most intimate secrets with you? What do you think it would say? I don't know exactly, but I tell you one thing, it would surprise you!

May be you get your monthly Analytics report and check out the page views. Well, your website holds much more information than that.

Let me give you an example. Say you have a trade fair planned and want to know which products or services to highlight this year. Now lets take a look at SimplyLeads' sitemap.

Sitemap not filtered

This is a sitemap of a website and the colors indicate the time visitors spent on particular pages. Red is long and blue is short. Like in most websites the home page and contact page are frequently visited.

Next take a look at the projects, which holds three columns of tiles, each representing a project description. And lets filter on target audience (companies only) and take a longer period of time (180 days in stead of 30).

Sitemap filtered.

What we've got here represents the interest of our target audience. They actually "voted" for the most interesting project. And this makes it a lot easier to decide which projects to highlight on the trade fair.

There are many ways in which you can use this little trick. For example in case of new product introduction. You could post blogs or news items about this new product on your website, each highlighting a particular benefit. And let is out there for a couple of months, see which benefit gets the most "votes" from your target audience. That will really help you along with promoting this new product.

Author: Luc Jansen
Luc Jansen
Founder SimplyLeads, Eindhoven
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