It's about time to get new business from you website

Most websites that are not a webshop hardly generate any new business. Actually, most websites don't even come close.

And it's about time we change this. Don't forget we've invested quite a bit in our on-line presence so far. You've listened to the guru's, heard about what worked for some guy, read about what you should have been doing. It's about time we get some business from our website too.

Let's start by saying that new business does not come cheap. So, if you really want to get some serious new business out of your website, you'll need to invest as well. And we both know this will not happen unless you get some quick wins first.

So let's start at the quick wins. And assume you know the company names of the visitors on your website. (You can get a free 30-day trial for SimplyLeads if you want to try).

What if you saw a former customer, the one you lost three years ago, had visited your website. May be they finally got fed up with your competitor. Won't hurt to give her a call and try renewing your business relationship, wouldn't it?

What if you saw an existing customer had visited your website and showed interest in a product or service that you never expected him to buy? What would you do?

What if you saw the new prospect, the one you're going to visit tomorrow, had visited your website. And from this you would know exactly what they are interested in? And because of that you would know exactly what presentation to give?

All of these "What if's" are actually real life cases of SimplyLeads users. And do you think that one of them could apply to you as well, say during the course of a month or so?

So, why not start with the quick wins, the "small stuff". Once you've got that, you can take it to the next level.

Author: Luc Jansen
Luc Jansen
Founder SimplyLeads, Eindhoven
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