Do your marketing campaigns get enough traction?

Past week I've asked a multitude of business owners, marketing managers, sales directors if they have any idea what traction do marketing campaigns have within their strategy plan. Subsequently if they have an approximate when their return on investment would be.

It became apparent there was none. Only a handful of global orientated businesses with over 3000 employees have such marketing intelligence ongoing.

The question comes to mind why we are even investing in marketing if we keep being passively aggressive whilst the opportunities sail by. Several business development managers I spoke to said they didn't even get any information from the marketing department with regards to the running campaigns. It's not being shared.

It's time to take digital marketing serious or lose your business in the coming five years or so. This is not about tools; this is about Smarketing, combining Sales and Marketing. This is about integrating your website, campaigns, website analysis and sales into one winning strategy.

And we know how to do this.

Author: Mark Paasman
Mark Paasman
Natuurlijk en Bovendien, Rotterdam
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